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The image of the butterfly represents the transformation from a place of pain and suffering to a place of beauty and peace. Each hand-designed card is lovingly created by Janie Holben and Susan Christine, hospice volunteers for Lehigh Valley Health Network.


100% of all proceeds are a donation to provide special warm and cozy comfort measures for patients in pediatric hospice pediatrics and inpatient hospice at LVHN.

Janie Holben

In Memoriam- Janie Holben 3/6/1951-2/28/2018
She lived her life fully and gave of her talents joyfully! 

Janie Holben spent most of her career as a fourth grade teacher in the Whitehall-Coplay School District. She and Wings 2 Peace co-founder, Susan Christine, met at church over 30 years ago where together they were involved in many mission projects in the Lehigh Valley. Together they also taught the adult Sunday School class for several years.

Janie has been involved for many years with her teaching colleagues in fund-raising for Relay for Life. She also supports the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, and the Community Music School.

After retiring from teaching, Janie was searching for a way to share God's blessings with others. When Susan invited her and her family to become partners in the Wings 2 Peace Charitable Fund, Janie knew she had found her mission. Creating cards to raise funds for pediatric and hospice patients brings her a sense of fulfillment and joy. Providing for the comfort needs of these patients lights up their faces and her heart.

Susan Christine

Susan spent the majority of her professional career as a registered nurse, with the beginning years as a Critical Care nurse. She also spent time caring for patients in the specialities of Oncology, Post-Anesthesia and in the Burn Center. The middle years of Susan's career included owning and managing a Cardiac Monitoring Services Company for almost 25 years.

Susan and Janie share a special friendship that began over 30 years ago.They started working together on church mission related projects in the local community as well as Co-leading an Adult Sunday School class for several years.

Susan volunteered for various medical society auxiliaries, as well as for the American Cancer Society ( ACS) and Chaired the Inaugural " Tee Up For A Cure" Golf Tournament at Lehigh Country Club to benefit the ACS. Susan's last 5 years of employment were spent as the Distinguished Events Manager for the Lehigh Valley Unit of the American Cancer Society.

In her search for an opportunity to " feed her soul" after retiring, Susan became a hospice volunteer for Lehigh Valley Health Network in the Inpatient Hospice Unit. Susan met the most exceptional staff at LVHN who were part of the inspiration for the creation of the Wings 2 Peace Charitable Fund. Susan's amazing family has been the other motivation to "pay it forward" for all the blessings in her life.

The friendship Susan and Janie share took on a new dimension after ending their professional careers. The partnership as Co-Founders of the Wings 2 Peace Charitable Fund enriches their lives, deepens their bond, and fuels the journey to keep telling their story to touch more families with children faced with devastating medical circumstances.

Each day, Susan hopes their efforts will continue to light up a child's face through the generous donors of the Wings 2 Peace Charitable Fund, exclusively at LVHN.

Vivi — Our Ambassador

Victoria " Vivi" was born on November 18,2010. She is a little girl like any other, she loves her dolls and has big plans for the future, all involve helping others. She wants to be a doctor, teacher and a nurse too. But, the future is uncertain for Vivi, at 3 years old she was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick's Type C disease. A disease that might not let her achieve her dreams, a disease that changes the statement " when I grow up...." to " IF I grow up...."

But, Vivi is a fighter, a believer in miracles, so she started an experimental treatment to try to fight this disease. Her treatments are hard and challenging and take place every two weeks at Lehigh Valley Health Network.

A lot of great, wonderful things have started since going to LVHN, but, probably the most amazing one of all was meeting Susan and Janie, the angels behind the Wings 2 Peace Fund. It was a few days before Christmas 2016 and Vivi had yet another

treatment. After her treatment I wheeled her into a room full of presents and saw her eyes light up. An ordinary hospital waiting room was magically transformed into Santa's workshop. And all those amazing presents were for her. In an instant, gone was the pain, the tiredness, the memory of needles and pokes, her face was radiating happiness. For a parent that joy in their child's eyes is priceless.

Bringing happiness to children like Vivi is what Wings 2 Peace does best. Thank you Wings 2 Peace for bringing joy into Vivi's life and making her dreams come true. Your love and compassion made a huge difference in our lives.

Written by Mihaela Costache- Vivi's mother

quote "Buying Wings 2 Peace cards not only allows me to send a beautiful card to a friend, but it allows me to give a gift of help and hope to Pediatric Hospice patients.

Also, thanks to the funds raised by Wings 2 Peace, a beautiful “Art Cart” was donated to the Pediatric Cancer Infusion Center.

I know my continued support of Wings 2 Peace will help provide future comfort for these patients." — Debbie Grainger
quote "I support Wings 2 Peace because 100% of its proceeds assist children in our area. I have seen firsthand the benefit this program provides to sick children and their loved ones. One of the fundraisers, the handmade greeting cards, are a unique and practical tool to achieve this mission. This organization is a win-win for all involved. We are blessed to have Wings 2 Peace in our area!” — Ann Marie Markowitz
quote "In July, my dear mother died suddenly and tragically. During the planning of her services we discussed, as a family, charitable donations. The next morning, I awakened with excitement knowing the perfect charity—Wings 2 Peace. Our mother adored children and our family, like many, has been affected by cancer. My siblings and I knew that helping children with cancer, as well as their families, would be a wonderful and loving way to honor our mother’s memory.” — Donna Grason
quote "I am truly grateful for any opportunity to support Wings 2 Peace. The tireless efforts of Susan, Janie and others involved in this very special mission have resulted in a healing peace for so many children and their families. Blessings abound!” — Nora Franchek
quote "How can I put into words what Wings 2 Peace did for my daughter. Right before Christmas, two elves ( aka Janie and Susan, the two angels behind Wings 2 Peace) showed up and made a plain hospital room into any little princess's dream. All of a sudden nothing else mattered, no pain, no medication, no needles... only a room full of toys and clothes and gifts. My daughter's joy was beyond words. For a child facing a life threatening disease, these moments of pure happiness are rare. For months after this event this was all she talked about and her eyes sparkled every time.

Thank you Wings 2 Peace for bringing so much happiness and joy into her life." — Mihalea Costache
quote "I have had the privilege of working with the creators of Wings 2 Peace. This organization provides warmth, love and care to families in true need. What is especially unique about this organization is that ALL of the event proceeds directly go to help these families. Also, the attention to detail in their fundraising efforts is unmatched. At a moment where many families have lost all hope, they can now find it in Wings 2 Peace.

They are a warm blanket on the hearts of many moms and dads." — Kristie Morffi Marks
quote "Oliver's Salon and Day Spa proudly supports Wings 2 Peace. Through selling cards and helping host charity events, we've seen firsthand how Wings 2 Peace is dedicated to supporting children in need. Their incredible work inspires us, and we know they'll continue to make an impact on the children and families they support." — Luanne Oliver
quote "With so many good causes out there, as a small business owner, I choose to support the ones that pull on the proverbial heart strings. When Susan Christine and Janie Holben told me about the creation of Wings 2 Peace, I felt a tug at my whole soul. Helping children ( and their families) find comfort within a hospice environment, I Imagine, has to be one of the most difficult things to experience as a human, next to — Susan Bella Linski